Entrepreneur Coach

Jerome Edmondson Updated Headshot

Business Man. Best-selling Author. Educator. Family Man. Greatness in any of the above four areas often requires sacrifice in the other three. However, these four identities uniquely come together once one makes the acquaintance of Jerome Edmondson. With the great distinction of redefining the term Entrepreneurial Development, Mr. Edmondson is the President of EDN Communication, whose mission is to bring Smart Cities technology to our communities.

During an economically turbulent time that garnered rising unemployment and record-breaking corporate downsizing, Jerome Edmondson became a trailblazer in the business world organizing and effectively coaching thousands of aspiring and now practicing entrepreneurs.

Jerome’s impact has been local and national, teaching the art and understanding of growing proven multi-million dollar firms and effectively decreasing the unemployment percentages in the process.

This type of leadership and vision did not flourish over night for Mr. Edmondson. It was cultivated through his service in the U.S. Air Force as a Law Enforcement Officer and educational accomplishments including a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance. After attaining an executive level position in the food services industry, Jerome made history and received the national media spotlight as the nation’s first African American Denny’s Restaurant Franchise owner.

As a 21st Century leader with an immense understanding of the past and a clear scope on the future, based on his merits, experience and past performance in economic development and enterprise development, Mr. Edmondson was vetted by The Obama Administration for a leadership position in the U.S. Small Business Administration. Through the consulting, development and nurturing of corporate, public, and private partnerships, with a focus on minority enterprise capacity building and capital formation, Jerome is poised to change the business world for the better with every step he takes.

With such a transformative and selfless story, it forces one to take inventory and pay strict attention to the upcoming and groundbreaking journey that Jerome Edmondson endeavors to take. With the full support of his business parter of 25 years and wife of 33 years, Alena Edmondson and a loving family and grandchildren, Jerome has the kind of moral fiber needed to develop a New Mindset that ultimately will shape a New Generation and its citizens.