Dan Sorrell

Digital Content Coach


Dan Sorrell, is a Business Technology Consultant and Instructor. He is passionate about empowering creativity, collaboration, and communication by breaking down technical ideas, making them simple, manageable and fun.  As a trained Audio Engineer Dan Sorrell is particularly passionate about the Power of Podcasting, and how it can help your business grow. That is why he is on a mission to share his excitement and expertise so you too can join the Podcast Revolution!




POWERTALK -- > The Power of Podcasting:  How to use Podcasting in strategic, non-traditional ways to promote and enhance your business. 

WORKSHOP --> The Podcast Revolution:  Podcast Monetization Secrets Revealed. 

Table --> The Podcast Experience:  Create your free mini-podcast recording!



Every business can benefit from increased brand awareness and positive exposure.  Podcasting is the quickest, cheapest and easiest way to attain immediate international multi-platform distribution of your message!  Entrepreneur Academy provides the complete solution, including equipment, software, personalized strategy, production, and distribution, all designed for the non-techie small business owner.